Our Save a Seat Program

Increasing Community Access to Live Theatre God of Carnage - Audience reaction
Theatre 3×60 is committed to increasing community access to theatre by bringing theatre to alternative venues, taking theatre to the audience  (ie. schools, community groups and events) and other such activities to support the creation of meaningful theatre experiences for the whole community.

In addition, Theatre 3×60 has launched the Save a Seat Ticket program to create new audiences and open the doors of theatre to members of the community who may not have easy access to live theatre.
Through this program, Theatre 3×60 will work with area theatre groups to leverage revenues raised through our own programs, patron donations and partner support to make theatre tickets available to individuals, groups and organizations otherwise unable to benefit from attending live performing arts.

Thanks to the following Save a Seat Partners!
Borelians Community Theatre
OnStage Uxbridge
Oshawa Little Theatre

You can Save a Seat with us!

Theatre 3×60 welcomes individuals, community and corporate partners and supporters to the Save a Seat Program. For more information, contact us at info@theatre3x60.ca.


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