Durham Minifest

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About Durham Minifest Educational One Act Play Festival
Durham MInifest is a play festival providing an informal and social opportunity for community theatre groups and artists to share an educational theatre experience. We do this by having several groups publicly perform the same, original one-act play. All the groups must have at least one person that is new to a role. There will also be a professional workshop leader who will offer some public comments on each performance, and lead the group through a public workshop to increase public understanding and appreciation of live theatre. Through this we increase connection between the groups, and raise the visibility of local theatre within the community. The first Durham Minifest, in 2016, was made possible with a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Due to extenuating circumstances we are unable to present Durham Minifest in 2017. Watch for information on next year’s festival coming soon!

Full information on Durham MInifest can be found at www.durhamminifest.ca