About Theatre 3×60

Theatre 3×60 is a not for profit, professional, collaborative company in which committed artists can produce high quality work in a broader scope of theatre and storytelling in the Region of Durham; and provide programs/services not currently available to audiences and theatre practitioners through existing community theatre. Theatre 3×60 was founded in 2013 by Joan Etienne and Carey Nicholson to serve the communities of the Region of Durham.

Our Mission Statement
Theatre 3×60 is unique to the Durham region, in that it uses theatre as a tool to engage, to disturb complacency, and to provide growth to its participants. We support theatre as a place for refraction, reflection, revelation – to inspire a more responsive, responsible community that, through theatre, will realize the value of connections as they gain broader understanding and empathy.

Theatre 3×60 is committed to problem solving, broadening perspectives, creating new opportunities, facilitating discussion and building bridges. We are committed to programs that support the growth of new theatre works, artists, audiences and the work of other theatre groups in Durham through engaging and educating new, emerging and experienced theatre practitioners and providing access to opportunities for skills development and performance.

Our Values

  • Supporting and inspiring youth through theatre with a commitment to dedicated programs and activities
  • Taking artistic risks through the support of new artists and the production of challenging, new and thought-provoking works
  • Enriching and growing theatre through collaboration and education
  • Recognizing artists financially
  • Reaching out to our community through theatre to share our history, concerns, challenges, and lives
  • Engaging and giving back to our community

Our Promise
Theatre 3×60 aims to challenge the status quo. Productions will communicate stories that enable participants to think, feel and perhaps broaden their existing insights into the world and human nature. Heightened social awareness makes for stronger more compassionate communities.

Our Big Picture:
Increasing Community Access to Live Theatre
Theatre 3×60 is committed to increasing community access to theatre by bringing theatre to alternative venues, taking theatre to the audience  (ie. schools, community groups and events) and other such activities to support the creation of meaningful theatre experiences for the whole community.

Through our Save a Seat program, we will work with area theatre groups to leverage revenues raised through our own programs, patron donations and partner support to make theatre tickets available to individuals, groups and organizations otherwise unable to benefit from attending live performing arts.



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