3×60 Tour to Schools

School Tour
Durham Region

Full information on the tour and booking opportunities are available by contacting Joan Etienne, Education Director at info@theatre3x60.ca, 905 431-0977

Performance Cost
Theatre 3×60 is committed to making theatre as accessible as possible. To that end, we strive to keep our production costs as low as possible, working with both public and private partners and sponsors to offset those costs. Our goal is to provide a quality professional performance with little or no cost to you. Full booking details and fees are available by contacting us at info@theatre3x60.ca.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Be part of the tour and help us bring relevent live theatre to schools and community venues throughout Durham! Contact us at info@theatre3x60.ca to discuss your support options.

Theatre 3×60 Brings Theatre to Your School
…and learning to life!

Each year, Theatre 3×60 brings an affordable, professional production to Durham Region schools. The school touring program initiative meets a major mandate of our company by making theatre more accessible to the community, and to support the learning experience by engaging students with the world through theatre. Our goal is to tour a socially or historically relevant play each year. Our plays are selected based on curriculum needs/ expectations and relevant social issues. Our tours not only provide a quality theatre experience, they augment the performance and curriculum with a study guide featuring pre and post show activities using a variety of teaching strategies. In addition to drama, writing, research and historical activities, the study guide focuses on essential questions / big ideas related to the play. Smaller in-class workshops and discussions can also be provided.

We value the opportunity to dialogue with you about your school curriculum and community’s needs. Learn more about us at www.theatre3x60.ca, find us on Facebook and contact us at info@theatre3x6o to join our contact list or to initiate a conversation.





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