3×60 Theatre Collective

Congratulations to the 3×60 Youth Theatre Collective!

On Saturday, March 4, Theatre 3×60 invited the public to attend an open studio presentation of work by its 3×60 Youth Theatre Collective, made possible with the support of an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant. Granville Anderson, MPP for Durham, Jennifer French, MPP for Oshawa and OTF Grant Review Team member Penny Smith were on hand to watch the presentation and talk with the young theatre artists who made up the 3×60 Youth Theatre Collective.

About the 3×60 Youth Theatre Collective
The 3×60 Theatre Collective is a unique creative training and performance experience for Durham youth and young adults (14 – 21 years) with an emphasis on stagecraft, playwriting, and process. With the guidance and mentorship of Theatre 3×60’s qualified and diverse instructors, 3×60 Theatre Collective members experience writing, collaborating, producing and performing their own original work, while developing their performance and production skills. Through challenging and confidence building theatre exercises and activities, hands-on creation and production opportunities, 3×60 Theatre Collective participants discover and explore a complete theatrical experience onstage and behind the scenes, with a public studio performance held on the final session of the program. There are no program fees. Previous theatre experience is not required.

In addition to stagecraft skills such as:

  • Stage voice
  • Movement/ physical expression /dance
  • Clowning (introductory)
  • Choral  and ensemble skills (vocal and movement)
  • Performance and stage protocols

3×60 Theatre Collective participants will also experience:

  • Essential elements of play construction
  • monologue, dialogue, ensemble writing
  • Collaborative creation processes

Faculty includes Carey Nicholson, Artistic Director of Theatre 3×60, playwrights Rob Corbett and Graeme Powell, actors/instructors Amanda Jane Smith and Alex Courey.

The program also introduces participants to other aspects of theatre, outside of performance – production design, stage management, production and promotion. At program end, participants will present a self-produced and created, public, studio performance of their work.


The program is open to all youth in Durham region from ages 14 to 21. Enrollment to the program is limited to 20 participants.


All prospective participants must complete an application form and, upon acceptance, will be required to commit to all sessions (twice weekly).

Theatre 3×60 acknowledges the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and The City of Oshawa in making the  2016/17 3×60 Theatre Collective possible.

Watch for Fall/Winter 2017/18 Program Dates & Locations



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